Year 8 Languages Day at the University of Wolverhampton

A group of ten Year 8 students took part in a languages event at the University of Wolverhampton. Students were able to see how languages could help with their future careers and were also given the chance to put their linguistic skills to the test. The groups were given a list of unknown words and then had to work together to see if they could uncover their meaning.

Afterwards, the students were split into two groups and were given the task of promoting a new product in French. Armed with a list of useful phrases, the groups set to work on producing a PowerPoint to sell their brand new phone. In scenes not too dissimilar from those on The Apprentice, our students had a very limited amount of time to choose their product, come up with some catchy phrases and then put in all together in one package. After much blood, sweat and tears (staff included!) and some last minute work on pronunciation, the two groups then had to present their advert in French in front of all of the other groups.

All of the students performed really well and gained a valuable insight both in to the world of advertising and as to how they can use languages in their chosen careers.