Year 6/7 Transition Delivery Details

As we approach the end of a rather challenging and unusual summer term, the six weeks holiday will hopefully give some of our current students, parents & carers the chance to relax and unwind as the academic year comes to a close. For you our Year 6 students, parents & carers, we understand that you are quite naturally going to be looking to the future and hoping for to a smooth transition to St Thomas More Catholic School in September.

We will continue to do everything we can to remove any worries or anxieties you may have about this and although it isn’t ideal not being able to invite our new students into school before September, we are constantly looking at ways to make sure the transition process is as effective as possible and is meeting our students’ needs.

Last week, we used our social media pages to run through a school day at St Thomas More, to give the students an idea what to expect. We want to make everyone as comfortable and familiar with the school building in preparation for the new academic year and hopefully this visual run through of the timings of the day helped to do this.

This week, Mrs Bowen with some of our staff from the Senior Leadership & Pastoral Teams will be delivering a range of items to the students we will be welcoming into Year 7 in September. The pack will include:

  • Our school badge for their blazer.
  • A business card detailing how you can order from our two main uniform & PE Kit Suppliers.
  • A transition workbook that our different subject departments have put together to use to complete some of the different tasks we are adding to our web-site.
  • A copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to support our school literacy focus over the summer holidays .
  • A Harry Potter themed workbook that can be used whilst reading the book, with a range of activities that will help Form Tutors get to know the students when they meet in September

The only thing we will not be able to include at the moment is the school tie, please do not worry about this, our supplier is manufacturing them as we speak. It is most likely that we will either open up our Reception Office on a specific number of days during the last week of our six week break should you wish to collect them prior to the start of the new term or we will distribute them to our new Year 7 students as they start with us in September. We will publish the days and times our office is open for collection on our school website and text all Parents/Carers to make you aware of all necessary arrangements should this be the method chosen.

Our teams will be aiming to deliver out the above items to the whole year group this week, we will be wearing our school ID badges and wearing gloves & necessary PPE. We will only have time for a quick drop off but will hopefully get to say hello to some of you & welcome you to the school community.

If you have any further questions regarding your child’s transition to St Thomas More Catholic School, please do not hesitate to contact the school via phone or email and ask for either Mr O’Connor or Mrs Weighell.