Year 12 Work Experience

Year 12 were out on Work Experience Monday 1st to Friday 5th July. A large proportion of the year group were able to secure a placement enabling them to gain a real insight into the world of work. Throughout the week students received visits and phone calls from members of staff. There have been some fantastic placements and we are very proud to hear the number of positive reports from both employers and students about their experience.

In addition to external placements we also ran two in school programmes. The first was a short course called Hospitality Ready. The aim of this programme was to help students explore their leadership, communication, team work and transferable skills. The hospitality industry is a huge employer within the UK economy and an industry that everyone will experience in some capacity. The trade focus was pub management and we were lucky to receive a guest talk from the landlady of the Black County Arms in Walsall. We were also invited on a work place visit to the pub to explore the grounds and learn more about the complexity of managing and running this type of establishment.

“This course educated me about the hospitality industry and I will consider this as a career path later in my life. The course was helpful in the fact that we actually got the opportunity to speak to the general manager Kim and get a real insight of what it’s like to be a publican”.

Melissa, who participated in the programme.

The second in school programme involved a number of career related talks from a mixture of different guest speakers. These sessions took place between Monday and Thursday with the aim of providing students with a general overview of careers in different industries. On Monday students spoke with a representative from PlanitGlobal. PlanitGlobal is a new and upcoming interactive website that encourages students to explore their career options in greater depth. The NHS were in on Tuesday. They spoke to students about the number of different roles available within the sector and the various training options available. We had the RAF in to speak to students about their careers pathways on Wednesday. To finish the week DWP delivered a virtual work experience session, covering aspects such as employability skills, workplace simulations and CV tips on Thursday.

Overall the mix of sessions has provided students with a good overview of various careers and related topics. Whether in school or on placement all student have had the opportunity to expand their employability skills, helping them to prepare for life after school.