Year 12 Work Experience

It is with great anticipation that I share with you the details for the forthcoming Work Experience Week for Year 12. After the last two years where placements have been unable to be undertaken, it is most exciting that our students can share this important experience, either within a work placement outside of school or to be able to engage in the wide range of experiences on offer in school.

In the week commencing the 28th March, your child will need to ensure the following are adhered to if they are out of school on a work placement;

  • Dress codes stated by employers are adhered to
  • Behaviour is exemplary
    • Students are representing our school and we expect them to fully comply with workplace expectations
  • Attendance and punctuality should be full across the week
    • Be at their placement on time and adhere to break/lunch times as given
    • If unable to attend for any reason both the placement and school must be contacted.
  • Engage with colleagues at the placement, follow instructions and ask lots of questions
  • Complete their paperwork across the week
  • Make the most of the opportunity provided

Staff from school will be contacting placements across the week to gather information as to how they are doing – please remind them of this.  We look forward to hearing all their stories and experiences when they return to us after the Easter break.

For those students who are remaining with us in school we have a wide range of experiences and opportunities that focus on the workplace or skills that will support future working practices.  There will also be some time in subject areas.  Across the week our expectations are as follows;

  • Wear FULL UNIFORM all week
  • Engage fully with the sessions on offer
    • Students will be representing our school at all times when with external providers. 
    • Anyone causing an issue will be dealt with immediately, consequences will be given and parents contacted
  • Follow the timetable they will be given
    • the expectation is clear that students need to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Normal school day timings apply
    • School will start at 8:40am and they will attend form time as normal.
    • The day ends at 3pm

Photos from Year 12 Work Experience

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