Year 12 PPE

Year 12 students will undertake mock examinations during the week Monday 31st January – Friday 4th February 2022.

Students will have study leave and will only need to come into school when they have an exam. Exam timetables will be given out in form time.

Students must ensure that they arrive 10 minutes before the start of exams and ensure they have the appropriate equipment required.

Students must be dressed in Sixth Form uniform.

It is vital that students are well prepared and spend time revising for their examinations. These examinations are extremely important as they will allow staff to identify current performance and support students in achieving their best possible A
Level grade. Details on how to revise and support from subject departments will be available in lessons and on this web page.

Geography – Place

  • Endogenous Factors.
  • Exogenous Factors.
  • Distant Place.
  • Local Place.
  • Lived experiences of a place.
  • Characteristics of place.
  • Outsider perspectives.
  • Insider perspectives.
  • Sense of place.
  • Context of place.
  • Analysis of qualitative data.
  • Analysis of quantitative data.
  • Health within a place.
  • Wellbeing in a place.
  • Demographic Structure of a place.
  • Population Pyramids.
  • Employment in a place.
  • Songs about place.
  • Poems about place.
  • Paintings about place.
  • Photographs of a place.
  • Economic change in a place.
  • Demographic change in a place.
  • Cultural Change in a place.
  • External forces changing a place.


  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Quadratics
  • Equations/Inequalities
  • Graphs and Transformations
  • Straight Line Graphs
  • Circles
  • Algebraic Methods
  • Binomial expansion
  • Trigonometric ratios

All the above are covered in chapters 1 to 9 inclusive in the course textbook.

There will be two 2 hour papers – two hours on Pure and two hours on Mechanics/Statistics. Calculators allowed.