Year 11 GCSE Family Support Evening

Dear parents and carers,

Re: Year 11 GCSE Family Support Evening

Whilst your child’s final GCSE exams in the summer term may seem some way away, experience proves that this time will speed by and before we know it they will have taken place and we will be awaiting results.

Over the course of the next number of months your children will undertake a range of assessment both formal (PPE’s) and somewhat informal (end of unit in-class tests) in addition to a schedule of planned intervention sessions designed to encourage and support their KS4 attainment and progress in all subject areas.

An essential element of ensuring this progress is the guidance and direction received at home. As parents ourselves of school age children, we empathise with the demands this can make on our lives, when homes are already busy. We also acknowledge a possible lack of confidence in knowing how best to help our children when so much has changed since we were at school, or if there are subjects we were not particularly good at or liked! Therefore, part of our offer of support is geared towards you as parents and carers as much as for your children.

Our first event is on Thursday 28th September 2023, 5.00pm until 6.30pm . Your time in school will provide you with the opportunity to meet with Senior Leaders and Core subject Heads of Department (English, Maths, Science and RE) who will provide guidance as to how you might further support your child in their ongoing revision and preparation in each of those areas.

There will be a wealth of information and support available to you going forward, regarding what to look out for, what students are expected to do at home, tips on revision and how to support study at home, maintaining a watchful eye on our students’ work/life balance and wellbeing. Information delivered will also include the use of revision timetables and strategies for successful study.

During this event, time will be given over to our expectations of students during their PPEs in January and their GCSE examinations in May and June 2024, on what we intend to do over the examination period, covering exam room standards and expectations in compliance with national protocols and procedures.

We look forward to welcoming you to school on 28th September and hope to be able to offer something of benefit and use to you all as busy parents and carers. There will also be a chance to chat regarding targeted support for students linked to attendance and punctuality to school with key staff supporting the year group through this time.

All families in attendance will receive a raffle ticket on entering school, with a chance to claim one of a variety of prizes on offer as you leave at the end of the event. These will include a number of ‘Golden Tickets’ for our End of Year Prom.

Please complete the form below by Friday 22nd September. We would ask that you complete the form even if you cannot attend. Students and parents/carers are welcome.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs S. Bowen (Headteacher) and Mrs S. Roberts (Deputy Headteacher)