Year 10 Work Experience cancelled

You will be aware that Year 10 students were due to go on work experience week beginning Monday 23 March for 1 week. Many students have  been successful in securing a wide range of interesting placements, and the school had devised an exciting and comprehensive alternative programme of work related activities for the few student who had been unable to secure placements.

However, in the light of the current COVID-19 crisis we have decided to cancel Year 10 work experience and all related activities this year.

This decision has been made taking into account the following factors:

(1) There have been a number of employers who have contacted the school to cancel placements. Big employers like the NHS have been doing this en masse.

(2) The likelihood is,  as we get nearer to the date, more employers  will follow suit, and there would not be time for students to secure new placements, especially as they are doing mocks this week

(3) Although there is some capacity in the in-house alternative programme  for Year 10 work experience we do not want large numbers of Year 10 students in school unless they can be fully engaged and catered for. 

(4) The alternative programme did involve some visits out e.g to the Careers & Apprentice road show event at Aldersley, there is a likelihood that events such as these will be cancelled thus causing further disruption. Therefore  we feel that a mixed economy of alternative activities and normal school timetable  would not work

We have decided that work experience is cancelled for this year only, and that all year 10 will  follow their normal timetable for the week. We feel as a school that it would be irresponsible to send our students out into work placements at this stage, and also expect staff to go on placement visits to check them,  or indeed,  invite employers into school to work with our students. 

A decision about Year 12 work experience will be made at a later date.

This decision to cancel Year 10 work experience has not been taken lightly, and we are sure that  parents and carers will understand the context and reasons behind decision. If any parent would like to discuss this decision they are welcome to contact Mr Burns.

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Mr S Burns is the Deputy Headteacher at St Thomas More Catholic School.