Year 10 Mock Examination Information

Year 10 mock examinations commence on Monday 9th March for a two-week period. The mock examinations will focus on all examined subjects including English, mathematics, science, religious education, humanities as well as option subjects.

There are a range of benefits as to why it is important that we undertake Mock Examinations early. Benefits include:

  • Motivating students to start revision early
  • Practising effective revision strategies
  • Improving knowledge
  • Practising under exam conditions
  • Identifying topics that need attention

Mock examinations can be incredibly beneficial for students. Helping them to see the importance of them is crucial to future success. They can help students to: start revising early, to practise effective revision strategies, to improve their knowledge, to familiarise themselves with pressure and act as a guide moving forward. Over the coming weeks, support materials will be given to students to help with the revision process. Form tutors will also help support revision and how to complete this. The time to start revision is now. This will enable students to be as prepared and organised as possible.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please see our examinations resources and downloads page for useful study skills and revision information.