World Book Day 2021

Story (noun)

1. an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

2. an account of past events in someone’s life or in the development of something.

We’ve been telling stories for centuries, long before we could even write them down, and stories have been crucial to our evolution. Stories enable us to imagine what might happen in the future, and so prepare for it. In fact, our brains are so adept at detecting story patterns that we often see them where they don’t even exist. Study participants were shown a short film in which two triangles and a circle moved across a screen that also contained a motionless rectangle. When asked what they saw, all but one of the participants reported a narrative with a “worried” circle and two fighting triangles, one that was an “innocent young thing” and another that was “blinded by rage and frustration.” Only one person saw the film for what it actually was: a few polygons moving around a screen.

Storytelling is a feature of every known culture, but what is it about stories that make them so universal?

To put it simply, they’ve kept us alive.

“Story originated as a method of bringing us together to share specific information that might be lifesaving,” a humorous example is of the Neanderthal warning another not to eat certain berries by sharing the tragic story of what happened to the last guy who ate them!

As a story involves both facts and emotions, it’s more engaging — and therefore more memorable — than simply telling someone, “those berries are poisonous.” In fact, stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone!

‘Share a Story’ is the theme of World Book Day 2021 and has there ever been a more important time to stop, share and reflect?

At 8.45am today students were invited to start their day of remote learning with an assembly to celebrate World Book Day and also to engage in our competition: The Masked Reader! Ten members of staff from across the school have read a charming short story called ‘Umbrella’ but can you guess who our ‘masked readers’ are? Mrs Simcox has fantastic brand new books in our school library waiting for all of the students who can correctly guess the names of the staff reading the story.

If you’d like to play along please email: with your answers.

In addition, don’t forget to download your £1.00 book token that can be found in the description box of the youtube video.

Stories make the world go around and we are proud to be part of yours!

Happy World Book Day!

Mrs Taylor-Hamblett