The emotional, health and well-being of children and young people is as important as their physical health and wellbeing.

Problems range from short spells of depression or anxiety through to severe and persistent conditions that can isolate, disrupt and frighten those who experience them. These problems can result in lower educational attainment, poor physical health, poor social relationships, school exclusion and limited future employment prospects as well as behaviours such as smoking, using drugs and drinking alcohol. The impact of improving emotional wellbeing is seen at an individual and family level.

As a means of addressing emotional, health and well-being our school has registered for the Well-being Award for Schools (WAS) which is in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau.

Well-being Week starts on Monday 7 February 2022.

We will be commencing our annual Well-being Week programme on Monday 7 February 2022. Each day of the week we will focus on a different topic related to emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Monday: Mindfulness

On Monday we will focus on anxiety: why we get anxious, techniques to help us cope, and how to engage in positive mindfulness.

Tuesday: Calm

On Tuesday we will discuss problem stress and learn tips for staying calm and controlled during life’s more challenging moments.

Wednesday: Positivity

Prolonged stress and anxiety can sometimes lead to depression, so on Wednesday we will focus on some of the warning signs we need to look out for. This will help us take positive steps to combat depression and seek help as soon as possible.

Thursday: Health

On Thursday we will focus on our physical well-being, looking at topics such as healthy eating and exercise. We will also spend some time talking about what we should do if we are having thoughts of self-harm.

Friday: Kindness

We will end the week by focusing on kindness: how we can spot warning signs of stress and anxiety in others, and how we can provide support and assistance. We will also take time to reflect on the practical help we can provide for our families and members of our community.

Articles about well-being

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