Welcome back

On behalf of the staff at St Thomas More Catholic School, I would like to welcome back all our students and their families for this new academic year, but I am also delighted to extend a very warm welcome to parents/carers and students of Year 7, Year 12 and anyone else joining the St Thomas More community for the very first time. I look forward to a happy and productive association with you all.

Our 2019/2020 school year has begun most positively, and I am very excited for our upcoming year.


‘I have a dream’ are words best associated with Martin Luther King but my dream for our students is that each child will feel secure and happy at school so that they do their best and capitalise on their individual strengths and qualities.

To achieve this all students are expected to ‘DREAM’
Discipline ~ follow the school code of conduct to create a calm and productive place for learning
Respect ~ everyone – staff, each other, and our neighbours in the wider community so that everyone feels valued.
Effort ~ put 100% in all that they do to maximise their individual talents
Appearance ~ be smart and wear the school uniform with pride
Motivation ~ have a goal or aspiration to aim for.


A young person has a much better chance of succeeding if there is also strong support from home. To ensure your son or daughter realises their potential can I ask, that you too reflect on your role so that together we can guide them to achieve their future hopes and dreams:
Partnership ~ have close contact with the school so that concerns can be resolved quickly, and achievements can be celebrated together
Attend ~ parents evenings, meetings and awards evenings regularly
Routine ~ ensure your child has a clear daily routine such as healthy meals, plenty of sleep, is prepared for school each day with the correct equipment needed for the day and arrives at school by 8.30am at the latest.
Encourage ~ your child to complete all homework tasks to the very best of their ability and hand them in on time
Neatness ~ ensure your child is dressed smartly in correct uniform
Treat ~ reward your child’s achievements and encourage them to continue their hard work and effort
Supervise ~ the use of social networks as most arguments in school are caused by written words.

I hope that by working together we can ensure that every student makes progress and fulfils their potential. I wish all students the very best for this academic year.