Update from Headteacher Mrs Bowen

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all well. As today is even hotter than yesterday our preparations have taken a slightly different approach to yesterday. To ensure that our children had sufficient water we met all students arriving to school this morning and offered to refill water bottles that might have been drunk on the way to school and to distribute new to those who might have forgotten theirs.

In addition to the above the following was discussed with students this morning prior to the start of lessons:

  • Football and Basketball is not allowed today during breaks.
  • It would be advisable for students to wear hats whilst outside.
  • Please encourage students to apply sun cream, if they have some with them, especially at the tail end of period 2 and 4 prior to leaving classrooms.
  • Water will be available outside on both yards during morning break and lunchtime.
  • Water will also be available from the canteen .
  • Water will be available as students leave to go home whether that is to walk or by bus.
  • It is advisable to sit in the shade, especially during lunchtime, when it is hottest – shaded areas of both yards, pods, bank on the field, covered way by the Sports Hall, Assembly Hall and ground floor classrooms as available
  • Please keep drinking water during the day both in and out of lessons.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Mrs Bowen