Girls’ uniform and PE kit

Girls’ main uniform

  • Plain white blouse – to be worn tucked into the skirt/trousers.
  • Plain black skirt – no shorter or longer than 5cm (2 ins) above or below the knee, no slits at side or front, skirts must not be skin tight.
  • Black uniform type trousers – no fashion trousers, e.g. hipsters or combat trousers. Trousers must not be skin tight and must be ankle length.
  • Black blazer with school badge* – blazers must be brought into school each day and worn at all times.
  • School tie* – each group has its own tie which should be worn at all times, correctly knotted with the STM logo visible below the knot.
  • Black, opaque tights must be worn if girls choose to wear a skirt. Plain black socks to be worn with trousers. Shoes must not be worn without socks.
  • Footwear must be plain black leather or leather-look shoes. No embellishments or logos. No buckles, bows or sparkles etc. Ballet style shoes are not permitted. No boots, including Ugg boots. Heels-no higher than 5cm (2 ins), no platform soles. No Ugg boots. No wearing of trousers tucked into boots. Pupils will need different footwear for school and for PE!


Wrist watches are allowed. Girls can wear one pair of studs in their earlobes. No other body piercing is permitted. Students who wear a small cross and chain must keep it under their blouse and all items of jewellery must be removed for PE.

Make up

The wearing of make up, false nails, false eye lashes, false tans and nail varnish is not allowed.

Optional items

A grey school jumper may be worn as an optional item –available from Clemmy’s, Darlaston.


Should always be neat and tidy, tied back if longer than shoulder length. Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school. No extreme styles or unnatural colours are allowed. Hair gel or wax is not permitted.


Coats should be dark coloured, plain with no obvious logos. Hoodies, leather, denim or combat style jackets are not allowed.


Hair should always be neat and tidy. Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school. No extreme styles or colours are allowed. Boys hair should not cover the face or shirt collar and must not be shorter than Grade 3 clippers. Boys must be clean shaven. Hair gel or wax is not permitted.

Practical lessons

Safety goggles are supplied but pupils may wear their own. Girls with long hair must tie it back. 

Girls’ PE kit

The St Thomas More Catholic School PE kit is available from Clemmy’s, Darlaston.

Earrings must be removed for health and safety reasons. It is therefore recommended that ears are pierced are the start of the six weeks holiday, to ensure that they can be removed for PE lessons.


  • Black with red panel shorts
  • Black with red panel polo shirt
  • Black with red socks
  • Training Shoes with laces (not pumps)


  • Black with red panel hooded sweatshirt
  • Plain Black Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Black with red panel shorts
  • Training shoes with laces
  • Plain black waterproof rain coat
  • Waterproof bag for kit.

(As pupils in Key Stage 3 could have PE lessons on consecutive days and so it may be an advantage for pupils to have 2 pairs of Black with Red stripe shorts/skorts)

Important notice about uniform

  • Failure to follow the school uniform may result in your child being sent home to correct their appearance.
  • All personal belongings are the responsibility of the individual.
  • All items of school uniform should be labelled with the student’s name.