About our uniform policy

As a school community we are very proud of our school crest, motto and the logo on our school ties and work hard with our children and together with you as our parents/carers to ensure that these standards are maintained and become second nature for our children. We are sure you will appreciate that there are a number of positive reasons for having a school uniform. Not only is it a sign of our commitment to and pride in belonging to what we believe is a special and unique family here at St Thomas More Catholic School but it supports you as parents/carers and the children in our care in avoiding the cost incurred in fashion contests amongst students and the feeling that some have and some have not and the troublesome consequences this can often cause.

When purchasing items of school uniform, particularly jumpers, trousers, skirts and shoes, we would ask that you continue to refer to the guidelines provided below. If you have a query regarding any of the information outlined please do not hesitate to contact the pastoral team at school for further clarification and advice.

Important notice about uniform

  • Failure to follow the school uniform may result in your child being sent home to correct their appearance.
  • All personal belongings are the responsibility of the individual.
  • All items of school uniform should be labelled with the student’s name.

Please see our Sixth Form pages for information on the Sixth Form dress code.