UCAS Convention Tuesday 27th June (Sixth Form)

Dear Parent/Carer 

UCAS Convention Tuesday 27th June 

Thank you for returning the signed consent form for your child to attend the UCAS Convention at the NEC Birmingham next week.  Please find below some further details about this event: 

Students should arrive at school normal time 8.40AM and report to the sixth form common room where they can be registered and given their ticket for entry to the convention.  It is important that students are punctual on this date so we can arrive punctually for our allocated time slot. 

Students can wear non uniform but this must be appropriate for a university convention visit. 

Once we arrive at the NEC and have a arranged a meeting point, students will be free to look at the stalls of different universities in the arena.  We advise students to get plenty of information about possible courses and options of future study after sixth form.  Students are not permitted to leave the arena. 

Students are advised to bring lunch and a drink with them just in case we are delayed on our return to school.  Lunch can be provided back at school for those students who are in receipt of bursary payment.  Please ask you child to let us know if this lunch will be required. 

Once we return from the NEC (approximately 1.30pm) students will be free to go home. Students are welcome to wait in the sixth form common room if they are catching the school bus home. 

Students should be reminded that once we are at the Convention we are representing the school and therefore normal high expectations of behaviour and conduct will be expected. 

Yours sincerely,

Mrs K Chesters

Assistant Headteacher

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Mrs K Chesters is the Assistant Headteacher at St Thomas More Catholic School.