Year 11 to Year 12 Transition

Please find below work for students currently transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12. If you have questions about the work please contact the member of staff indicated.

Applied Law

Designated member of staff: Mrs R Memi


Designated member of staff: Miss K. Fisher

Welcome and thank you for choosing to continue with your studies in Art. I look forward to seeing you in person soon!
The first task for this week is to get people back into the swing of drawing again, since its been a while!
I have attached examples of paintings by the artist Giorgio Morandi, a larger example of a drawing in ink by him, using cross hatched shading to recreate tone and a photograph of an example still life I set up.
The task I would like completed this week is a large drawing of a still life that you have set up yourself in the style of Morandi’s ink drawing. Try to find five or six objects, jugs or bottles etc and place in a row, with the objects overlapping. Draw in black fine line or biro using cross hatching for shading, trying to recreate Morandi’s style. Try to get a full range of tone in your work, from very light to very dark and take shadows cast by the objects into account. Plan your light source direction.
You should spend at least 4 hours working on this and it should be at least A3 size. If you do not have A3 paper, you could tape two A4 sheets together to make the drawing.
Please email a photograph of the completed work To me by Friday 10th June. Thank you and happy drawing! Miss Fisher.

Computer Science A level

Designated member of staff: Mr D Hesketh

IT Cambridge Technical

Designated member of staff: Mr D Hesketh

Italian A level

Designated member of staff: Miss R Bigongiari


Designated member of staff: Mrs E Taylor-Hamblett

Week 1

Why should I do this? I’m not interested in English at Post-GCSE!​

If English lessons were not ‘your thing’ it might be a very welcome relief to think you won’t have to study a poem or read a Shakespeare play again. However, you will always be a student of ‘literacy’ not just because you’re taking A levels that require you to read and write but because you need to access the world around you!​

It is proven that literacy and reading ability is like a muscle and if we do not exercise it, we lose it as we get older. A government survey of adult literacy skills found that 14.9% (or 1 in 7) of adults in England have literacy levels at or below Entry Level 3, which is equivalent to the literacy skills expected of a nine to 11-year-old. Start a healthy habit now and exercise the skills you’ve been finely tuning for the last 12 years!​

Week 3

Supporting documents

Media A Level

Designated member of staff: Mrs E Davis

Over the next couple of weeks, I want to prepare you for the type of study you will be doing during the two year course.

Very recently we have seen how important Media is. It made us aware of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in China and some people claimed that the media was scaremongering the public and exaggerating the truth. Now we rely on the media to give us regular updates on the COVID-19 pandemic nationally and globally.

Very recently we learnt on the Media of the tragic death of George Floyd and how that caused considerable anger and outrage amongst the public.

But as much as we study and analyse different media forms on this course, you will also have an opportunity to create your own type of Media.

For your first task, I would like you to research DVD covers. What is the layout like? What type of information is put on the front and back of the cover? Why is it important to have this information on the cover? What is most dominant? Is there reoccurring features to particular genres? What is the colour scheme like depending on the genre?

Then I would like to decide on a genre that you want to work with for example horror, action, science fiction.  Once you have decided, create mood board for that genre, looking closely at typical conventions within that genre.

You are then to attempt to create a DVD cover for a new film (you make it up) Using all the information you have gathered.

I will be checking in with you and seeing how you are getting on, and if there is anything that you are struggling with please contact me.

Kind regards
Miss Davis

Week 3

Religious Studies A level: Philosophy and Ethics

Designated member of staff: Miss S McPhee