The Punctuation Man has arrived on Tik Tok!

The Puncutation Show is now on Tik Tok!

The Punctuation Show is raising attainment through entertainment free of charge on Facebook every Tuesday at 10:15 am.

Now they can create their own Tik Tok dance, because your favourite punctuation and grammar songs are now on Tik Tok.

Click here to join the fun.

Join The Punctuation Show on Facebook Live.

Why join Tik Tok?

Perfect to keep kids engaged
Perfect to follow up from the Facebook Live Show
Perfect to keep the conversation about literacy.

Watch on Youtube if you prefer.

You asked if we could do something on Youtube for those who couldn’t get on Facebook at school and we have a video premiere at the same time every Tuesday just for you.

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Mrs E Taylor-Hamblett teaches English at St Thomas More Catholic School. She is also Literacy Lead Across Curriculum.