Textiles with St Joseph’s Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers, we had another most exciting and pleasurable visit from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School on Tuesday. 

On this occasion Year 6 joined us to work in D/T on a Textile project. Their task was to design and make a bag.

Move over all you world fashion designers, there are new creators snapping at your heels!

As is the case with any student from St Joseph’s, each and every child was well mannered, hard working, fully engaged in their task and exceptionally enthusiastic about all they were asked to do.

I had a most engaging time visiting each table to discuss their thought processes regarding their plans, their ideas as to how to execute them and the most thoughtful stories behind their designs.

Mrs Bowen

Copy of headteacher’s letter sent to Joseph’s

Dear Mrs Hannett,

What a wonderful visit with your Year 6 when they spent time with us on Tuesday last.

I had the pleasure of joining them on task whilst with Mrs Hall.

What a most beautifully behaved class and how exceptionally courteous, enthusiastic and engaging a group of students.

I spent time with each table discussing their designs for their bags. I thoroughly enjoyed my time talking about their plans, choice of designs, colours and the manner in which they had executed the task set.

Each and every student is a credit to you, their teachers who accompanied them and to their parents.

We cannot wait until you visit next to work with us again.

God bless,

Mrs Bowen

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.