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English Podcast Now Available

Continuing on from the success of our revision podcasts from several departments within school, the English Department are now glad to announce that they are also going to be recording a series of podcasts to aid revision for those students who are leading up to Continue reading …

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Exam support from GCSEPod

Please see the following exam support links from GCSEPod. You will require a GCSEPod log-in.

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Easter revision timetable (Year 11 and Year 13)

This week, all year 11 and year 13 students will be given Easter revision timetables to plan and organise their revision over the forthcoming holiday.  Evidence suggests that Easter is a crucial time for revision and putting in place effective study methods for reviewing work Continue reading …

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Geography Department Podcasts

Hopefully the Year 11 Geographers will be all ears for the latest revision push. Mr Virgo, Mr Tomlinson, Miss Durnall and Mr Hanna are recording a series of revision podcasts in the run-up to the GCSEs. The first four are already available and the department Continue reading …

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Year 11 Revision and Study Skills

Year 11 will commence their next round of Pre Public Examinations (mocks) on Monday 13th March. These will take place under exam conditions in the hall. These examinations will be carried out in a formal style, to ensure that students are more familiar with the Continue reading …

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Year 11 Exam Preparation

As we are rapidly approaching the pre-public examinations (mocks) Year 11 preparation time for this is going on all this week and next week too.  This is subject by subject and teachers and heads of department have decided on students who are to be invited Continue reading …