Study Booklets for Sixth Form Students

As we start a new and exciting term at St Thomas More we continue to look for ways in which we can support our sixth form students in their learning and progress at Key Stage 5.  We appreciate that for year 12 and 13 students they have missed a large section of being in school at Key Stage 4 and now have to cope with the demands of A Levels and other Level 3 courses that require greater in depth study, further independent research and preparation for exams.

Therefore we have produced a study booklet for students to use to guide and support their time during their study periods in school. Subject teachers will be setting students 2 study tasks per week, per subject.  Students will be expected to write down these tasks in the lesson and then independently plan the study lesson in which they will complete this task.  As always, study teaching staff will ensure this work is completed and sign the booklets to ensure subject teachers know the work has been completed.

Form tutors will also be checking study booklets.  We would ask that you also monitor your child’s study booklet, ensuring they are bringing the booklet every day to school and completing the work set by subject teachers.

We are confident that you will agree such strategies will help support sixth form students organise and manage their learning, reach their potential and prepare them fully for their post 18 pathways.

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Mrs K Chesters is the Acting Assistant Headteacher at St Thomas More Catholic School.