Students changing money in school

We are having an increase in students asking for change in school which is causing a number of issues due to the money being sent in from home not always being used for its intended purpose. We are therefore only going to change money in exceptional circumstances from now on and will always ask the student the reason for needing the change. Any concerns will be raised with pastoral teams and/or parents/guardians.

We would be grateful of your support with this and ask that you can send the correct money into school where possible. To further solve these issues why not register for our fantastic online payment system? Please see article below for further details.

Are you registered for our Online Payment system?

St Thomas More Catholic School has a fantastic online payment system for parents/carers/guardians to make quick, easy and safe payments to school online using debit and credit cards.

What benefits does this system have?

  • Access to the system online from the school website or the My Ed app. (Initial registration can’t be done via the app but this is a one off process).
  • Quick, easy and secure payments made through World Pay.
  • Automatic top up of dinner money accounts.
  • View dinner money account balances and purchase history.
  • Obtain outstanding trip balances and payment history.
  • Ability to link sibling accounts to make joint payments.
  • Receive emailed receipts every time you make a payment.
  • Reduces risk of students carrying/losing cash.
  • No need to find the right change.

What can we pay using this system?

  • Dinner money
  • Trips
  • Music lessons

Please note: There is a minimum basket transaction limit of £5.

How do I use the system?

Request an online account registration letter from the Bursar’s office (G10). This will include all the set up instructions and we can assist with this if required. Registration only takes a few minutes and then your account is set up and ready to use.