Sleep Awareness Workshop

The following post is from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust:

Your School nursing team are trained professionals to help and support all children, young people and their families with sleep problems. Everyone suffers if a child does not sleep well. This can affect the health of the parents and how they cope with the demands of the family.

Sleep problems can be effectively treated using specially adapted behavioural and cognitive techniques. This can reduces stress levels for the parents and leads to improved health and quality of care for the whole family. Parents and carers can look after their children better, and make decisions about care for their children.

The aim of the Sleep workshop is provide parents/carers with strategies to assist with sleep routines that will consequently improve a child/young person’s daytime performance to enhance their wellbeing.

The workshop can also raise awareness of the problems caused by sleep difficulties in children and young people with additional support needs.

The workshop will cover:

  • What is Sleep
  • What happens when you sleep
  • How much sleep children should be getting
  • Body clock and Circadian Rhythm
  • Good bedroom environment and bedtime routines
  • Examples of bedtime routines and crucial elements of a good sleep routine
  • Further support available

To book on a session, you can call our single point of access on 01922 423349. We want to keep these sessions safe and open only to parents/carers of children attending a Walsall school. When you call, we will ask you a few details so that we can verify you and your child’s details. Once you have booked a session, we will then send you an email invite to join that session nearer the time of the session. Your email will be hidden from other parents on the session.