Preliminary update regarding our return to school in September

Dear Parents and Carers, a great deal has been said in the media over the last week concerning the full return of all children to school in September.

Whilst this is in some manner welcome news, it is in many ways greatly concerning. I think we would all be in agreement that a return to normality for our children is much needed, not least to provide the more traditional routine which, regardless of our communal best efforts, has been greatly affected by the pandemic. Equally as important is the urgency to return to the classroom where learning can take place,  gaps can be filled and progress made by our children. However, it is essential that this is co-ordinated, sensible and purposeful in all aspects.

At present, both myself and the Senior Leadership Team are actively engaged in drawing together a clear, practical and purposeful plans to support our return in September. We must await the issuing of further guidance and direction by the DfE and central government which is due to be delivered in the first instance on Thursday of the week, July 2nd and finally on August 11th. Once these details are made known we will be better placed and equipped to add fuller detail and clarity to our plans.

As part of our initial planning process, it is our intention to present our preliminary plans to our Governing Body when we meet with them during the coming week. We also intend to review our existing risk assessment to reflect the new requirements directed by both the DfE and central government, these will need to be discussed with both our Governing Body, the Diocese and the Local Authority.

Bearing the needs of you as our Parents and Carers to make adequate provision for your child’s return to school i.e. buying uniform, making arrangements for transport to and from school and childcare before/after school, it is equally as important to us that we publish the details of the plans to you as soon as is possible.

However, I must emphasise again that whilst the first round of guidance is due this Thursday July 2nd, the DfE and central government have been quite clear that final guidance will be be issued on the 11th of August and that schools must wait until this point to put the final details of their return in place. This may mean that some final amendments may need to be made to these plans. Of course,  should this be required,  these updates will be made known to you immediately via our website and all forms of social media.

I have been most grateful for your continued support over recent weeks and months and hope that you will understand the somewhat difficult position we find ourselves in at present whilst awaiting more precise and detailed direction. Therefore I would ask that you bear with us as we draw our plans together with our  school and our children’s’ best interests at heart and at the centre of all we do.

God bless,
Mrs Bowen 

Headteacher | + posts

Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.