Special Educational Needs and Disability

Department aims

  1. To adopt an inclusive approach, enabling all students to develop their interests and abilities and as fully as possible.
  2. To ensure that all students can access the curriculum where possible.
  3. To liaise with and gain support from external agencies and Local Authority Support Services to ensure that the needs of pupils are met.
  4. To work with parents/carers, students and outside agencies to meet the additional needs of SEND students.
  5. To inform, advise and train staff regarding the support of students
  6. To prepare the students for appropriate future opportunities within education and employment.

The Learning Support Department works with all members of school staff to actively promote the development of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Staff working within the Learning Support Department have specialist training in working with children who have specific learning difficulties. There is one specialist room with computers and a range of additional teaching resources.

Available resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. A wide variety of support is put into place depending on the needs of the child. This can range from individual and small group withdrawal sessions to support in class.

Quality first teaching ensures that progress is maintained and exceeded. Other support includes: visual timetables, a lunchtime safe room with full computer access, a pragmatics support group and reading interventions during form.

Early transition days are offered to some students with SEND and for those who may benefit from early transition, regardless of the level of their need. The Learning Support team attends transition reviews for students with Educational Health Care Plans and all students from feeder and non-feeder primary schools, attend transition days in the summer term of Year 6.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Team

Mrs N Kay, Miss R Booth

If you would like to get in touch with the SEND team, please use our contact form. Alternatively, please contact school reception on 01902 368798 and ask to speak with the SEND team.

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