Safer Internet Day

This week we celebrated “Safer Internet Day”. All pupils and teachers came together to share good online practise to make a better and safer online community at St Thomas More.

The session involved pupils being aware on what to share online and why they may share things online.

The day involved many activities on whole class discussions on what data popular apps store about you and precautions to take to stay safe.

The key points covered included some top tips controlling your information when using the Internet:

  • Think before you share
  • Who are you sharing your information with?
  • Withdraw permissions
  • Download your data
  • Advertising preferences
  • Delete

The session concluded with all students coming up with their own online safety pledge to create a better Internet #OurInternetOurChoice. Here are some of our “Safer Internet” pledges at St Thomas More.

  1. I believe we covered Safer Internet Day to help students who were confused on the internet to stay safe. I also think that we have covered Safer Internet Day so we know what and what not to go on.
  2. The benefits of doing this is that our school is safer and can also help others who are confused. Also the students are now aware of the possible dangers and what you agree to on apps. They also know what a safe website is and what isn’t.
  3. What I have learnt from Safer Internet Day is that many apps do different things with for example WhatsApp will keep your text until you send it then it gets erased from their servers. But apps like Snapchat and others will continually keep your data even from years ago.
  4. What I will do from now on, I will delete any strangers who tries to follow me on apps and I will always keep all of my app profiles private and I would only ever share things with friends and family.
  5. What I enjoyed about Safer Internet Day is that everyone was learning but were also having fun with the quizzes. I also enjoyed the facts that we learnt all about the internet and the apps who have the terms.
  6. My key message that I will take away is that don’t go on websites that your window safety doesn’t want you to go on because they can tell if there is viruses on the website.
  7. I believe we covered Safer Internet Day because younger children don’t fully know how to use the internet safely and to try to make children realise what they are using and what they are doing on the internet because you are always in danger on the internet and different platforms of it.
  8. The benefits of using the internet properly and safely is to understand what you’re using because it can always go the wrong way leading to bullying, kidnapping and abuse.
  9. I have learnt how to use it properly and safely so I don’t put myself in danger or other people in danger. On different platforms I have learnt how to use them and what I can do with them. There are many things I’ve learnt and still more to learn.
  10. I will keep my private stuff private and try to convince more people to understand what they are doing on the internet.
  11. I enjoyed learning what was right and what was wrong so now I know how to use the internet properly.
  12. Think before you share.