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Now that Christmas is a distant memory we are looking forward to the new year and a new term. This is the ideal opportunity for students to reflect on their personal achievements so far since September whilst also highlighting areas that need to be developed. This will encourage students to set their own goals and targets to ensure that excellent efforts are maintained and where needed, improvements are also made.

It was fantastic to see, at the end of last term, nearly a thousand students being rewarded for their positive contributions to school life, for both attendance and behaviour as well as attitude, and as a school we are keen for those efforts and standards to continue.

As we are beginning our second term of the academic year, we wanted to remind parents and students the areas we will be looking at when rewarding students at the end of the spring term and when we are allocating places for the reward trips taking place in July.

The criteria used to reward students and for inviting them on the end of year trip are:

  • Attendance
  • Achievement points
  • Behaviour incidents

Students will be expected to have a consistently high attendance level. The whole school target is 97% for this academic year, a target that all students should aspire to achieve and we will be looking to reward students whose attendance is in line with that target.

Students whose attendance has been affected by chronic or long term illness, a spell in hospital or for other exceptional circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. However, as term time holidays are rarely authorised, those students with attendance below 97% attendance due to taking unauthorised family holidays, will not be considered for the end of year reward trip.

Therefore, students will need to be mindful at this point in the year that if they have already had more than seven days absence, their place on the reward trip will be in jeopardy and they will need to avoid having any further absences.

Reward points are given to students daily for fulfilling our basic expectations of attending on time, being polite and well behaved, correctly and smartly dressed and equipped for the day.

Students who go above and beyond our expectations for example demonstrating excellent effort in lessons, producing high quality homework, caring for and looking after others will gain extra and higher value reward points and it is those students that we look to invite on the trip, for demonstrating our catholic values.

Students who have accrued more than 25 behaviour incidents or who have been involved in extreme behaviour that affects the learning of others or puts others at risk, will not be invited to participate in the end of year reward trips. However, students who demonstrate a consistent and determined improvement in their behaviour may be considered on an individual basis therefore if behaviour has not been to the standard we expect there is the opportunity to put that right and make amends this term.

Rewards for the spring term will be awarded based on each student’s merits for that term. However, end of year reward trips will be based on students’ merits from September and the pastoral team for each year group will shortlist students based on the above criteria.

We look forward to seeing as many students as possible on the end of year trips.

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