Return to school – important information

A copy of the video from the ‘Return to school’ meeting is available on Teams.

LFT/Rapid Testing Covid-19

Schedule for LFT Testing of students Years 7 – 13

Testing will continue for those students with consent (see below for consent form):

Week Two – March 15th

Monday March 15th : Year 9 and 8

Tuesday March 16th: Year 7 and 11 and 13

Wednesday March 17th: Year 10 and 12

Thursday March 18th: Year 9 and 8

Friday March 19th: Year 7

Consent form

Please follow the below hyperlink to complete the Covid-19 Rapid Testing Consent Form. This must be completed for all students as to whether or not permission is given for the lateral flow testing within school, and all relevant information provided.

Please complete the form by Friday 5th March.

Compulsory wearing of face masks

From 8th March and for the foreseeable future, students will be required to wear a face mask, at all times inclusive of Form time and all lessons, whilst inside the building. We have been advised that medical exemptions should be supported by a note or letter of explanation from either your family doctor or relevant medical personnel clarifying the reason for this exemption. Could I therefore respectfully ask that parents and carers ensure that your child:

  • unless medically exempt, arrives at school with a face mask every day.
  • is well practised in putting the mask on and taking it off safely.
  • carries and wears a face mask that is suitable for school and will not cause offence to others.
  • does not wear a snood, scarf, visor or other face coverings in place of a face mask.
  • understands the importance of adhering to the regulations, put in place by the government, regarding wearing face masks, to
  • minimise spreading the virus, and so keeping both themselves and others safe.

Information subject to change

All information may be subject to change. We will keep all information as up-to-date as possible.

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