Return to school information

Dear Parents and Carers, following additional guidance received from the UK Government may I remind you of the following please in advance of your child’s return to school this week?

  • unless exempt all students and staff must wear masks in all communal areas at all times.
  • this includes all periods of Form time and all lessons regardless.
  • it is essential that students are sent to school with their own masks and where these are disposable it is important that additional masks are sent on a daily basis in case the ear ties snap.
  • it is essential for the health and well being of all at STM that your child clearly understands that this again, unless your child is exempt, is non-negotiable.
  • we have a supply of masks in school but these are limited in stock and therefore we must ask that as above your child is sent with the necessary personal supply of masks.
  • students will return on different days and at different times according to their Year group. Once on site and with Parental/Carer permission only, we will commence a one off Covid testing. If negative your child will remain on site and will commence lessons. If positive you will be contacted immediately and your child will need to be collected, taken home and a PCR test accessed.
  • please refer to our update published last week for a reminder of the date and time of your child’s return to school commencing for Years 12/13 and 11 on Tuesday January 4th.
  • all students, aged 12 years and above, and staff are encouraged to attend vaccination. Appointments can be accessed using the relevant   Social media addresses to do so.

Thank you, Mrs Bowen 

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.