Reminder about visitor appointments

Dear Parents and Carers, as we commence a new academic year may I take this opportunity to remind our existing families and make our new families aware of the enclosed?

Given how busy school is across the day and the constant demand of staff commitments and timetables, Parents and Carers are respectfully asked not to arrive at school without a prior appointment. 

We appreciate that there may be occasions when it is necessary to meet with a particular member of staff as quickly as possible. We will endeavour to respond to such requests as swiftly as possible but would ask that Parents and Carers call ahead to both ask if the member of staff you need to see is available and to make an appointment. This will be arranged for you with as much speed as possible.

May I also remind all families that we will and do not tolerate any form of aggressive or intimidatory behaviour and/or unacceptable, foul or racially abusive language. Further to this, please note that we will refer any occurrence of the above to both the police and the legal department in Walsall LA and will not hesitate to ban those responsible from site.

Thank you,

Mrs Bowen

Headteacher | + posts

Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.