Year 11 Prom 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

RE: Year 11 Prom 2024

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write to you with regards to our Year 11 Leaving Celebration, or Prom, the details of which are enclosed below:

Venue: Grand Station, Sun Street, Wolverhampton WV10 0BF

Date:    Thursday 11th July 2024

Time:   6.30pm to 11.00pm

Cost per ticket:   £35

Year on year this is a popular and exciting event for our Year 11 students and one that is both supported and attended by staff from across all areas of school life. However, as an event coordinated by school, it is important that all families understand from the outset that attendance at this event is a privilege, not an expectation and one that has traditionally been based on compliance with a range of standard expectations. As it is very much our desire and hope that all students wishing to attend the Prom will be able to do so, we will do everything we can to both encourage and support that wish. However, to encourage a real sense of personal accountability, a student’s attendance at the Prom is based upon their full adherence to a compliance with the following non-negotiables:

  • our uniform policy and dress code for students.
  • our expectation that students are punctual to school, form and all lessons.
  • our expectation that students maintain 97% plus attendance to school.
  • our expectation that there is 100% attendance to all intervention sessions by students selected to attend.
  • our expectation that students arrive to school fully equipped for the day and prepared for their lessons i.e. in possession of a school bag, basic writing equipment, relevant texts, exercise books, PE kit, any required materials for practical subjects if relevant.
  • Our expectation that students complete and submit homework punctually and to the standard required.
  • our expectation that students engage fully with their lessons and do not deliberately and persistently disturb the opportunity for their peers to learn and make progress.
  • our behaviour policy i.e. we will reserve the right to withdraw the opportunity to attend Prom from any student who is allocated time at another school/provision on the basis of their behaviour, is suspended or is permanently excluded.

To ensure transparency and clarity with regards to the above you will be communicated with as Parents and Carers regularly across this school year with regards to any concerns that might deny your child the opportunity to attend the Prom. You can anticipate such communication on a half termly basis as we near our school holidays e.g. our first communication with you will be as we close for October half term, our second will be as we close for Christmas and so on. Our final communication with you will take place as we close for May half term.  

As a school we understand how expensive preparing for your child’s attendance to Prom can be. To support you we have taken the initiative this year to introduce the following payment plan which you might find helpful to avail of. Students may pay £1.20 per week towards the cost of their ticket. Of course, you may prefer to pay more each week or indeed the cost of the ticket in full from the outset. Please use the usual school online payment service to do this. Payments will be recorded and logged against each student’s name so that accurate records are maintained throughout. In the event that we may need to take away the privilege of attending Prom from any student, families will be issued with a full refund of the cost of the ticket only.

To further support students in their engagement with the above and to alleviate the costs incurred where possible, we are also introducing our Golden Ticket initiative. Across the course of this year a number of Golden Tickets will be drawn from a hat and awarded to students as/for the following:

  • Attendance at our Year 11 Family Support Evening – 28th of September
  • Attendance at Sixth Form Open Evening – 26th of October
  • Attendance at Year 11 Progress Evening – 22nd of November
  • Attendance at after school, weekend and holiday intervention sessions
  • Senior Leadership Team Golden Ticket Weeks – to be confirmed
  • Improved attendance
  • Improved progress in PPEs and at AP points – across a range of subject areas

We hope that the intention to both support and encourage our Year 11 students whilst providing them with the opportunity to take greater responsibility for their decisions and choices is made clear throughout the content of this letter. It truly is our hope that as many Year 11 who wish to attend can do so, but that they also realise the privilege that attending such a special celebration of their time at school brings with it.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs S. Bowen