PPE Timetable and FAQ

Pre-public exams (PPE’s) FAQ’s for students, parents & carers

  • Why are we running another set of PPE’s when students only did these before Christmas?

We as a school feel it is imperative that we give our students the best possibly opportunity to achieve their full potential in their qualification, therefore, having another opportunity to sit an exam based on the topics that have been taught should put students in a good position to enable them to achieve a grade they are happy with.

  • Will these PPE’s be used as evidence towards student’s final grade at the end of Year 11 and Year 13?

Yes, teachers will use these grades as evidence towards students final Centre Assessed Grade.

  • What topics will be covered in these PPE’s?

We will only cover topics that have already been taught to students in our PPE’s. The papers will be created by school staff to ensure that no student is disadvantaged.

  • Why are students sitting these exams in a formal exam setting? Why not classrooms?

We feel it is important in a student’s development that they experience a formal exam setting, therefore we feel that having these formalities will encourage students in a positive way and will also develop their examinations skills for when they continue with further education. A formal exam setting is also a much more calm & quiet environment for students.

  • What regulations are in place to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19?

Students will, as normal still wear facemasks whilst sitting their exams. We will also be asking students to ensure that they have sanitised their hands before they enter the examination room, as they do when they enter a classroom. Desks & chairs will also be cleaned with antibacterial solution in between each exam to stop the risk of cross contamination.

  • Why are these exams only being run for certain subjects, and not all?

Each qualification we run at St Thomas More has various different elements depending on the structure of it. The subjects that we are running PPE’s for are those subjects that do not have any Non-Examined Assessment (Coursework). Subjects with coursework will have more evidence towards students final Centre Assessed Grade, where as those without coursework will have a more limited range of evidence.

  • What happens if miss a PPE due to illness or isolation?

We will ensure that these exams can be caught up on.

  • Will these PPE’s be the only evidence that is used towards student’s final grade?

No – We will be using a range of evidence, including, classwork, in class assessments, homework amongst other things.

  • Will we inform students what their final Centre Assessed Grade will be?

No, we will not be able to tell students what their final grade will be. We have been clearly informed by Ofqual & the DFE that we are not allowed to release this information to students or parents prior to results day. If we did, this would be classed as malpractice and we would face serious consequences. Students will receive their final grades on results days.

  • What are the official results days this year?

A-Level – Tuesday 10th August

GCSE – Thursday 12th August

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