Positive Police Involvement

Dear Parents/Careers/Local Resident

West Midlands Police and St Thomas More Catholic School have a strong working partnership.

This Partnership has two elements:

The first will always be in relation to the prevention and detection of crime. Police staff will attend the premises to complete relevant enquiries. Fortunately, these incidents are infrequent and sporadic in terms of occurrence so staff attendance will be specific for this purpose.

The second element is the more crucial and that is to reduce the negativity of the police service and attempt to create an improved perception of the police; increasing the trust and confidence in the police for young people. This is achieved in a number of ways but the main one being through interaction with Police staff on a regular basis.

West Midlands Police achieve this by utilising the local neighbourhood team to visit and engage the young people during the school day. This could be during the young persons free time in a social setting or through the delivery of an important message in a more formal learning style (assembly or classroom input). West Midlands Police also offer 1-2-1 interventions with young people if it is felt that this level of interaction will support the young persons knowledge and understanding of an issue so they can take that learning forward to make a more positive choice/decision in the future.

The above level of interaction does mean that staff from West Midlands Police will attend the school on a regular basis. This will often be in uniform and quite often the staff will utilise a marked police vehicle.

These visits should not to be seen as a negative on the school and in fact should be perceived as a positive influence on the young people, school and for the local community.

From Walsall Neighborhood Policing Unit