Parent Governor Elections

To:  All registered parents of registered pupils of the school

Dear Parent


The Instrument of Government for St Thomas More Catholic School as constituted under the Education Act 2002 requires that the governing body must include two parent governors who have been elected by the parents of registered pupils of the school and who are themselves parents of registered pupils of the school at the time of their election.  However, any parent who is an elected member of the local authority or employed to work at the school for more than 500 hours in any twelve consecutive months is not eligible to be a parent governor.  A copy of an extract from “Welcome to Governance, 6th Edition – the essential guide for newly appointed governors of state schools – What does a governor do?”  is attached for your information.

There are currently two vacancies and you are therefore invited to take part in the election of two parent governors for this school who will serve on the governing body for four years unless they resign the post in the interim.

Nominations can be submitted electronically online below, alternatively you may download a form.  Nominations must be submitted no later than 3.00 pm on the 6th November 2020.  Should only one nomination be received by the official closing date, the candidate will be duly elected unopposed.  In the event of there being one or more nominations an election will take place between the 13th and 27th November 2020.  Information on voting arrangements will be made available to you once the nominations part of the process is complete.  A copy of the election schedule is available on the school website:

Please note that you should not participate in more nominations than there are vacancies.  Each nomination requires two proposers.

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Yours sincerely

Richard F Dalton

Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

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Election schedule

Archdiocese of Birmingham

Notice of Election of Parent Governor for St Thomas More Catholic School

Notice is hereby given that an election of a Parent Governor will be held on 30th November 2020

The following points should be noted in relation to this election:

  1. Only parents/guardians of pupils registered at the school are eligible for nomination and to vote.
  1. The elected person(s) will normally serve for a period of four years.
  1. If the elected parent governor ceases to be a parent of a registered pupil at the school, he or she may continue office until the end of the term of office.
  1. There are usually at least 3 meetings of the Governing Body each year.  For further information please see an extract from “Welcome to Governance 6th Edition – the essential guide for newly appointed governors of state schools” (attached). Please note that non-attendance over 6 months without an apology will render you ineligible to continue as a governor.
  1. Any parent/guardian wishing to stand for election must complete a nomination form, which is available upon request from the Returning Officer, c/o School Admin Office, St Thomas More School.
  1. Where the number of nominations received equals the number of elected parent governor places, then those duly nominated shall be declared ‘elected’ as soon as is convenient after the agreed closing date for the receipt of nominations.
  1. (a) In the event of more nominations being received than there are vacancies,

the Returning Officer shall prepare a ballot  listing all candidates

properly nominated in alphabetical order.  All eligible parents will be able to vote digitally once all nominations have been received.

  1. The Count

(a) Where only one vacancy exists, the candidate with the highest number of votes shall be declared ‘elected’

(b) Where more than one vacancy exists, the candidates with the highest number of votes shall, in order, be declared ‘elected’

(c) In the event of a tied vote the Returning Officer shall be empowered to establish a winning candidate by the drawing of lots.

  1. Election Timetable

Nominations to be submitted by 6th November 2020 (3.00 pm)

Ballot papers to be available by 13th November 2020

Ballot papers to be completed/returned by 27th November 2020 (3.00 pm)

Count and Declaration of results will take place on 30th November 2020

The Returning Officer shall be Mr Keith Jones

c/o St. Thomas More School


Chair of Governors

Dated 14th October 2020