Pancake Tuesday – Pancake Art

Tuesday 16th February is Pancake Tuesday, also know as Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is the beginning of the 40 days leading into Easter.

Lent is traditionally a time of fasting and sacrifice, and often people give things up. The tradition of Pancake Tuesday comes from families using up all ingredients in their cupboards so that they can start Lent the next day. The ingredients for pancakes- eggs, flour and milk – used to be very common things for people to give up for Lent, so it made sense to use them all up the day before Lent started.

To mark this year’s Pancake Tuesday we are asking you to be creative with the pancakes you make at home –you can create a colour pancake or decorate your pancake however you want with fruit, chocolate or anything else which makes it look appetising and fun.

Please send photos of your pancakes into school and we will include them in our next edition of More News. You can email them to Mrs Bowen or Miss McPhee.