Notice from the Headteacher regarding the wearing of masks

Dear Parents and Carers, students and staff at STM have been wearing masks for a significant number of weeks now in addition to adhering to a range of other Covid measures. Without doubt our compliance with and determination to do so has allowed for school to remain largely undisrupted and Covid cases low.

It is clear following announcements made by our Prime Minister on Sunday that this is all the more  essential, especially in the light of the new variant, Omicron,  which has been detected. 

It is important therefore that as Head teacher I have your support as Parents and Carers in ensuring that your children are sent to school with their masks. Whilst school will provide masks for students if needed,  the expectation is that they should arrive to school with their own.

If your child is exempt then it is essential that they carry their exemption card with them at all times.

Thank you,

Mrs Bowen