Notice from Headteacher Mrs Bowen

Good morning, I hope everyone is well. I know that as Parents and Carers many of you will be concerned as to how your children are today in school and how they are managing in this heat.

So by way of update and to allay any worries you may have:

  • We have checked in and out of lessons across the morning to ensure that students have water bottles and have been refilling them for them during lessons.
  • We have provided free bottled water and cups of water on both yards during morning break and will do so again at lunchtime.
  • We have been refilling water bottles from mobile dispensers on both yards during morning break and will do so again during lunchtime.
  • We have offered students caps/hats should they not have one or wish to avail of the offer.
  • We have been asking if they have sun screen and if so to apply it again.
  • We have prohibited football and basketball across both breaks and in particular lunchtime when the day will be at its hottest.
  • We have moved PE lessons into our Sports Hall for the duration of today and tomorrow.
  • We have cancelled all after-school detentions and Homework Club so as to allow students to go straight home. We have also sent messages out to you all to this effect.
  • We have moved class groups around to our available air conditioned rooms where possible and have tried to place fans in as many classrooms as possible in addition.
  • We are moving students to our more shaded areas during break and lunch – the pods, the Music Block yard and the covered way.
  • We have made the ground floor corridor and classrooms and the Assembly Hall available for students to remain inside should they wish to.

Thank you again for your support,

Mrs Bowen