Notice from Assistant Headteacher Mrs Chesters – Uniform Swap Shop

Dear Parents/Carers

Uniform Swap Shop

As we approach the end of term and are preparing for the summer break, we are acutely aware that one of the main expenses’ families face during the holiday period is purchasing school uniform. This is at a time when we face the ever-growing increase in the cost of living across the UK and financial uncertainty for many. However new research has found that up to 1.4 million school uniforms, a lot of which could be reused, are thrown away in the UK every year. This is not only damaging to the environment, due to their high plastic content, but it is also a lost opportunity to pass the garments on to other children who could benefit from them.

Therefore, we are asking you to consider donating to the school any items of uniform that is in a good condition but your child may have outgrown. We will be accepting donations tomorrow and Wednesday. Donations can be passed on to your child’s form tutor discretely or can be directly given into our reception.

Our uniform swap shop will be open on Friday 29th July from 10-2pm at the school’s main reception.
Any stock will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

We are always grateful for the continued support and consideration of others shown by our parents and carers. Please do consider what uniform items you may have at home that you could donate that would benefit other children and their families. We know such actions will be appreciated by many in our community.
Yours faithfully,

Mrs K Chesters
Assistant Headteacher