On Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th November facilitators from the Transformation Trust visited our school to deliver Barclays LifeSkills workshops to Years 7 and 8. The workshops pride themselves on helping young people understand the need to leave school or college with the broader skills that employers look for. The skills that the LifeSkills workshops help develop and hone, provide a firm foundation to help them deal with the challenges they will face. The sessions were split into two categories. The first was exploring personal strengths for employment. Here pupils were encouraged to identify their personal strengths, personality characteristics and understand that making sensible career choices means finding a job that combines their strengths, interests, preferences and personality traits. The second session focused on overcoming challenges and thinking confidently. Pupils discussed how it’s normal to have fears, and that we grow by overcoming them and treating challenges as opportunities. They also explored how past events shape the way we feel about ourselves and how we might respond to events in the future. Below are some quotes taken from students evaluation sheets: “I enjoyed speaking in front of the year group on the microphone” “I liked that everybody was involved”

“I enjoyed working in teams and finding out more about my skills” The facilitators were very impressed with our students and sent the following thankyou message after the event: “Thank you very much for organising the LifeSkills workshops this week for your Y7 and Y8 students. The students mainly gave very good or good feedback on the sessions and were lovely to work with, many of them getting involved with activities and presenting. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

From behalf of the careers team well done to all students involved!