As a Business Studies student I was given the opportunity to meet Mr P Brione from the Bank of England, who has a paramount role in the International Policy and Strategy as the Senior Manager. Throughout his presentation he highlighted the key role the Bank of England has had since it was established in 1694 with the mission to ensure “monetary and financial stability” for businesses, the government and wider society. It was particularly interesting to understand how the Bank of England is the backbone to the British economy through the control of inflation, interest rates and monetary transactions. The presentation has allowed me to further my knowledge on topics that I have learnt in A Level Business Studies such as data analysis alongside supply and demand that have a drastic impact on the every day to day running of the Bank of England.

Simran Tura who was also involved at the presentation stated “the talk enabled my awareness on the importance of keeping the economy stable and how current issues such as Brexit will affect the monetary policies of the UK. Overall having the opportunity to ask relevant questions about the financial system will help with my further education in Business Studies”

Nikita Mistry was particularly interested in the careers at the Bank of England “it was fascinating to learn about the different opportunities they provide under the schools leavers scheme such as apprenticeships and the wide area of work that they have available in different sectors from corporate, international and litigation.”