I hope you are all well? We continue to have a busy and enjoyable time here at school. Years 11, 12 and 13 are now nearing the end of their exams and in the case of Year 11 and 13 are drawing ever closer to saying goodbye to us. This is always a bitter sweet time because we are excited for our students who are moving on to pastures new and the many varied but exciting and life enhancing opportunities that this brings with it - however your children have been our children for many years - in some cases seven - and it is hard to see them go. We of course wish them all the best and pray that the values we have instilled within them support them as they face new challenges and that God will look after them and walk with them as they journey through life.

You cannot believe how excited I am to be able to write to you as permanent Head teacher of St Thomas More. I am most grateful and very touched by the many kind thoughts and wishes you have sent me. I am under no illusion as to how important this role is, not least because you have entrusted the care of your children into our hands as a school, but I promise that I will always work with endeavour and enthusiasm to ensure the further progress of our school and our children. As a parent of two boys, I understand how necessary it is to make the right choice of secondary school for your child and that no two children are ever the same. I live by the mantra and encourage all staff here at STM to consider what we would or would not want for our own children and to then ask the question why we would or would not want the same for the children we care for each and every day. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of help, support or guidance. I may not always have an immediate answer for you but will do my best to find out the information you need so that your concerns may be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Enclosed in this edition is an introduction to our catering team. This team are invaluable in school. The care and attention they provide in looking after our children on a daily basis is an essential part of our school. They are an unofficial part of the pastoral care system of school and will often pick up and pass on necessary information which allows us to best support our children and assist you as parents/carers. In addition the creativity and care given to providing a menu that is inviting and wholesome features as a regular aspect of their given role in school. I hope you enjoy meeting them.

Also included is a new article in More News where we highlight and celebrate the endeavours of staff who give of their best to the children in their care. These nominations are drawn from their Heads of Department, Heads of Year and in some cases from the students that they work with and care for. I intend for this to become a regular feature and look forward to seeing it grow as time goes on.

Part of our celebration this edition includes our participation in the Catholic Schools Flower Show which took place in St Chad’s Cathedral over the weekend. This beautiful display, inspired by the role Mary the mother of Jesus plays in the Church and the significance of St Chad’s Cathedral as a place of Catholic worship, is the culmination of the work and creativity of a number of staff and students. Mr Jones in D+T cut out the shape of St Chad’s Cathedral. Miss Tiernan decorated the base and created the stained glass window depicting Mary, ably assisted from staff within D+T, the floral arrangement was over seen Mr Wisher who is our school Catering Manager and the luggage labels attached to the brick work containing the churches’ titles for Mary were completed by students within school. Photos are enclosed along with a brief description of our entry. It is intended that this will become a permanent feature of our school foyer allowing others to enjoy its creativity and significance for us as a Catholic school.

Friday of this week will see our staff come to together as part of our Staff Spirituality Day to reflect upon the unique ethos and nature of our school. Our theme is ‘healing and forgiveness’ We have invited our governors to join us for this day. I will update you in our next edition as to its success.

We are also looking forward to both Year 6 Induction Evening on Thursday June 28th and Induction Day on Friday June 29th. This is always an exciting day for both us as teachers and our incoming Year 7, not to mention you as parents and carers. We relish the idea of welcoming our new members of our community into school and commencing what will be a very exciting and enriching journey together.

God bless,

Mrs Bowen, Interim Headteacher

Year 11 Mock Downloads

Downloads for Year 11 students studying for mocks.

Employability course

Dear Parent,

As part of our work  in careers we gave teamed up with an organisation called Sevice 4 Schools who have been working with Year 12 students on their employability skills.

Year 8 Options Evening

The Year 8 Options Evening has been postponed due to the potential snow/ice which is forecast. The evening will now take place on Thursday 7 February 2018.

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