Mr Mealy Visits St Thomas More Catholic School

On Friday February 28th Mr Mealey who is a member of our Governing Body and sits on our Curriculum and Standards committee. As part of our Governing Body’s engagement with and support of the work we do, Mr Mealey requested time with us in school to participate in a series of meetings with our Core Heads of Department, learning walks within their department areas and participation in what Ofsted new call ‘Deep Dives’. All of the above will continue to support our Governing Body’s understanding of the progress being made against external measures.

Mr Mealey spent time speaking with Miss McPhee Head of RE, Mrs Davies Head of English and Mr Gutteridge Head of Science. He visited a range of lessons in all three subject areas and saw a variety of activities taking place ranging from reading aloud and follow up discussion in English, discursive work in Year 7 RE regarding the significance and relevance of the bible in daily life to experiments in lower school Science. In addition to the above, he viewed exercise books containing students’ work and chatted to students about their work whilst visiting their lessons.

Part of Mr Mealey’s visit also included time spent with Mrs Taylor Hamblett regarding initiatives supporting the enhancement of literacy across our school community. Following that, Mr Mealey met with Mrs Chesters who is leading on the development of ‘boy friendly’ activities designed to further support the academic achievements and progress of our male students.

We are must grateful to Mr Mealey for the time given to this visit and are already in the process of making plans for his return visit to view further progress.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.