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As we are fast approaching the Pre Public Examinations (the “mock”) exams there are many ways in which our students can revise and prepare for them.  GCSEpod provides a great amount of web-based content, “pods” to revise from, questions to test yourself with, revision activities.  The newest feature is called “check & challenge”, where students can answer multiple choice questions with hints and tips where needed and it gives an immediate answer and support.   This is a really useful way to revise by applying knowledge.  You can find assignments from teachers which direct you to what they want you to revise or you can search for topics you know you want to revise or need more help on.  Assignments from teachers, when you answer the questions set you an automatic “boost playlist” to help you even more with areas it found you needed help with from the questions.

There are some superbly positive and refreshing motivational videos on there, I will be sharing these on the website for you and they will be shown in form time in school.  There are also some general study tips and wellbeing pods to help during these difficult times.  Make use of them – they will help! I have set an assignment to share these revision pods with you – if you watch all of the pods (I can check) there will be a reward! 

The link for the assignment is;

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