Message from the headteacher for Year 7 students

Hello, it is a little while since I was in touch with you all. I hope you are well and of course everyone at home also. Thank you for all the lovely work that you completed and sent in to us. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Now, thinking back to all those many years ago when I was due to start at my secondary school I can remember quite clearly both how excited and yet nervous I felt. I can imagine that you might be feeling some of the same also. I want you to know that feeling that way is quite natural and that you are not to worry about that. We are really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and have been planning for this day for weeks. We have lots of different people ready to help and look after you and have carefully thought about how we can help and support you and of course your moms, dads, nans and grandads who will also be anxious about your first day at secondary school also. We have planned a range of different activities and tasks to help you settle in and become used to your new school and teachers.

God  bless, Mrs Bowen

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.