Message for parents of Year 7, 8 and 9

Following recent guidance from the DfE as from Monday July 6th our aim is to offer face to face meetings with one parent and their child with their form teacher. This will form part of an ongoing variety of support that we are putting in place to support the return of students to school.

Strict social distancing measures are already in place, amongst a range of other measures, to ensure the safety of all students, parents and staff, all of which were recently approved by our Governing Body and subsequently by Walsall LA.

Consequently we are currently canvassing parents as to whether they would like to participate in a meeting with their child and their form tutor. If you feel this is something that would be of benefit to you as a family, please can you send the following information to the email address given below. We would ask for planning purposes that you identify your preference as to a morning or afternoon slot. If you do not wish to have a meeting arranged then please feel free to email the same address.

Please reply by Tuesday 23rd June

We welcome your attendance and look forward to appositive and productive discussion with you both.

Yours sincerely,


Please send the following information:

I would like to have a meeting arranged with my child’s form teacher.

Parent Name____________________________

Student Name__________________________

Student Year Group_______________

Student Form Group_______________

Preferred time (Morning or Afternoon)__________________