Mental Health Week

This year’s theme for Mental Health Week is ‘body image’. During form time students will be taking part in a range of different activities and discussions to promote positive body image and encourage students to talk about their mental health.

27% of teens surveyed in today’s generation care more about their appearance than their physical health.

Whether you’re male or female, and feel the need to be muscular or skinny, the pressures with body image continues to be an issue for many young people today. 34% of boys surveyed told us they feel pressured to attain a muscular figure while 55% of girls surveyed have said they feel the pressures of being skinny. But how can you not feel this pressure for this so-called ‘perfection’? Just look at all the images we’re bombarded with through media, and considering you’re living in the social media age, appearance seems to be the main focus (unfortunately!). Let’s take Instagram as an example. There are so many types of filters to boost your pic and make it more ‘likable’. Because of social media, 8% of teens surveyed admitted they’ve experienced jealousy, negativity or insecurity while browsing through their feeds.

Then our eyes are drawn to magazine covers and ads hat have been airbrushed to this idea of what society has sculpted as the ‘ideal’ body. How can all this airbrushing and unachievable perfection have a negative impact on teens? 22% of girls surveyed have told us they’re tempted by plastic surgery (like implants) while another 21% of girls surveyed, along with 10% of boys surveyed, are tempted by cosmetic treatments like lip fillers and botox. We also uncovered that out of all the girls we asked, a whopping 47% of them revealed they’ve gone on a diet and tried to lose weight by the age of 17.