Media Studies Podcast Episodes Now Available

Update 30 November 2023:

STM English and Media Studies Podcasts: Season 2 Launch

After the well-received Season 1 in the build up to the 2023 examinations, the English and Media Studies departments are back with a second season of revision podcasts to support student revision for their PPE papers and final examinations.

Over the next few months, a wide variety of podcasts will be released to deepen student understanding on a wide variety of topics that could come up in the examinations. In these opening episodes, GCSE English students are presented with an exploration of Tybalt’s characterisation in ‘Romeo and Juliet’, whilst A Level Media Studies students are invited to jump back in time and into the world of ‘Peaky Blinders’.

The podcasts are available through Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google and Podbean simply by searching for ‘St Thomas More Podcast’ and the best way to keep up to date with new releases is to subscribe so that you never miss an episode.

Original article:

Mr G Richards has produced a series of revision podcasts for A Level Media Studies students. These can be found on the school podcast site and are also available through various podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify.

Episode 14 – Attitude and Zoella

In the final episode of the series, Mr Richards discussed the importance of audience for both Attitude and Zoella ahead of the Media in the Online Age section of Component 2.

Episode 13 – Woman and Adbusters

Mr Richards takes a look at the magazine section of Component 2 and shares key information about how theories can be used in connection with Woman and Adbusters magazines

Episode 12 – The Bridge

The second Crime Drama is discussed as Mr Richards focuses on the importance of Nordic Noir ‘The Bridge’

Episode 11 – Life on Mars

Mr Richards delves into the world of Crime Drama by discussing BBC’s Life on Mars

Episode 10 – Assassin’s Creed

As we move closer to the final examinations, Mr Richards investigates the key aspects of the Assassin’s Creed franchise for the Component One exam

Episode 9 – Woman’s Hour/Late Night Woman’s Hour

Exploring the importance of radio for the Component One exam, the latest Media Studies podcast looks at the importance of the Woman’s Hour brand and the place it holds within the BBC.

Episode 8 – I, Daniel Blake

In the latest Media Studies podcast, Mr Richards looks at the importance of Ken Loach’s 2016 award winning film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ to consider the important ideas that would be useful for the Component One exam.

Episode 7 – Black Panther

This week’s STM Media Studies podcast takes a look at Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ to consider the Media Context and Media Industries which went into the making and promotion of the film.

Episode 6 – Newspaper

Mr Richards and special guest Mr Hanna breakdown the importance of The Mirror and The Times within the newspaper industry.

Episode 5 – Riptide

Mr Richards and two Y13 students interrogate the platinum selling song ‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy and the music video

Episode 4 – Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’

In Episode 4 of the STM Media Studies podcast, Mr Richards is joined by two of our Year 13 students to discuss the importance Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ video and the wider social impact that Beyonce looked to achieve through the release of the song.

Episode 3 – Water Aid

In Episode 3 of the STM Media Studies podcast, the Water Aid charity advertisement from 2016 is analysed by Mr Richards to consider key ideas that can be discussed in the Component One exam.

Episode 2 – Kiss of the Vampire

In the second podcast focused on A Level Media Studies, Mr Richards discusses the promotional film poster for Hammer’s ‘Kiss of the Vampire’ from 1963. He also responds to student questions based on Episode 1’s exploration of ‘Tide’.

Episode 1 – Tide

In the first of a series of revision podcasts for A Level Media Studies, Mr Richards discusses the importance of Procter and Gamble’s Tide advertisement (1950s) to consider how it could be discussed in the Component One exam.