Lockdown Notice

Dear parents and carers,

This morning we took all students through our procedures for what should happen if a lockdown should be necessary across school.  We have shared with them reminders of the difference between a partial and full lockdown, alongside what should happen on both occasions.  We felt it necessary, after a school going into lockdown made the news earlier this week, to reassure students why and when we would usually practice and how things will work.

We also discussed that in fact we had planned a practice of such events this week here in school, however due to the events of the week it was felt it was a little too soon and both students and families may feel unnecessary worry in relation to this.  We are aware that students and families will be conscious, as we are, that a practice is essential and we will ensure that it does take place before the end of term.

As families, this will be communicated to you via message as we go into the practice and again once completed.  We will ensure that the process be as calm and orderly as possible and as we have spoken to all students this morning, it will be fresh in their minds as to what to do during this time.  I look forward to being able to share with you the success and exemplary behaviour of students during the event. 

Deputy Headteacher | + posts

Deputy Headteacher at St Thomas More Catholic School.