Lockdown Literacy Challenge

Just ten minutes a day focusing on your literacy skills can help you to improve your overall reading, writing, comprehension, grammar and oracy skills. This will assist you in every subject you take across the school. Why not make these activities a daily routine just as so many of you did with Joe Wickes in 2020?

Challenge yourself to complete one task a day this week following these steps:

  • Read the fiction source.
  • Identify the errors with punctuation and capital letters.
  • Identify and correct the spelling errors.
  • Identify the homophone and grammar errors.

Extra challenge: handwrite the extract just as the author intended making sure you’re giving the typing a rest and developing your all important handwriting skills!

If you’d like to share a picture of you engaging with your lockdown literacy challenge and/or a picture of your work please email directly to Mrs E. Taylor-Hamblett.

Download the PowerPoint below:

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Mrs E Taylor-Hamblett teaches English at St Thomas More Catholic School. She is also Literacy Lead Across Curriculum.