Knife arch assembly

Last week all parents received a safeguarding newsletter informing them of developments in safeguarding in the school.

One of these events mentioned was bringing in a knife arch into school on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May respectively. This was done in full collaboration with our Governors, West Midlands Police and Walsall Council.

Each year group was brought down to the assembly hall for a brief assembly delivered by our two PCSO Suki Lally and PCSO Aimee Green. They then showed the students a short video clip on knife crime from the perspective of frontline medical staff including doctors, nurses and paramedics. This was a very effective film as it totally de-glamourized the whole concept of knife crime and gangs.

Each student then put their belongings (e.g phones, jackets, bags) in a plastic tray as you would in an airport and walked through the knife arch.

Students were very cooperative and interested in the whole process. Staff randomly searched 1 in 10 bags and any students who set off the sensors was seen by members of staff.

West Midland Police were delighted with the efficient way this was carried out and over the two days 1400 students were processed and received the very important messages on knife crime.

This was, of course, part of an ongoing programme of education on knife crime. It was reinforced this week in our Form Time news feature, and we propose to bring the knife arch back into school unannounced in the future. We have also organised additional activities in the autumn.

It is also our intention to work with the police and bring on their drug sniffer dog sometime next term.

You are welcome to let us know your views on our use of the knife arch.