Key Stage 4 Update

Every year of study is more important than the last and this is certainly the case for students in Key Stage 4. Students who work hard and show positive effort and good attendance achieve excellent outcomes at the end of Year 11. This is something we expect from all students. An excellent work ethic is crucial, to allow maximum understanding of topics. A positive approach to studies is what we expect from all students. This will lead to success.

Students in Year 9 have now chosen their options and have commenced their GCSE studies. The foundation blocks that go into Year 9 help to build a solid foundation for the upcoming year and future years. Students have started GCSE studies in a positive manner and it is fantastic to see students working hard.

Year 10 continue on with their GCSE studies, after a very focused Year 9. Students in BTEC PE and Business Studies Level 2 will undertake external exanimations in the summer. Work experience will also soon be upon us. This will commence Monday 23rd March-Friday 27th March Please ensure that the relevant contact is made early with potential placements. It would be fantastic to see all year 10 students at a placement, to give them a taste of the real word of work. If there are any queries regarding work experience, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Mocks will commence after work experience has finished. This is an important process to allow the next stage of intervention to take place.

Year 11 are in their final year of GCSE studies. Whilst we say they have a year left, it is only 30 school weeks which is a very short period of time. This time will pass very quickly. Revision is key to ensure students achieve their full potential. Revision should start now. Period 6 will commence in the coming weeks. This is compulsory and imperative to ensure students achieve and succeed their potential. Mock examinations takes place Monday 18th November for two weeks and Monday 10th February for two weeks. Revision has to start now, to allow these mock series, to be successful and allow for the relevant intervention after they have finished.

Parental support is imperative in terms of both the academic and the pastoral care of students. Please ensure students are prepared for school with the required equipment but also ensure Show My Homework tasks are fully completed. Studying outside of the classroom will help reinforce and extend knowledge and will help ensure students get into the expected good habits. I appreciate some of the GCSE examinations can be daunting to parents. Staff are available to support with any queries.

As ever, parental support is much appreciated and we work most effectively when we are supportive of each other. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.