Key Stage 4 Update

We have undertaken two weeks of schooling from home, in this new Summer Term. Whilst you have not been able to come to us in school, we have come to you, into your homes. It has been brilliant to see how you all have adapted to the new way of learning, it is something new but what isn’t new, is the positive outlook of students and the continued hard work of you all.

The ability to stay in touch with students using our Show My Homework system and student emails has been a success and it has been pleasing to see how you are all getting on. Please remember that the comments option on the Show My Homework tasks is there to message staff for guidance on any task you are unsure of. If for any reason, you are struggling to get onto any of the electronic systems, please contact the school and we will endeavour to resolve any matters as they arise.

Special mentions must go to Bikrant and Elizabel who were our key stage 4 students nominated prize winners from before Easter. Both submitted outstanding pieces of work. Well done to all students nominated by staff and especially well done to Bikrant and Elizabel, who were drawn at random, both will receive £5 vouchers. Staff will continue to nominate students throughout the term so please continue to hand in work, in line with ability and continued good effort.

The key stage 4 subject staff are ensuring that the work that is being set is allowing students to study whilst not in the school environment. It is important that work is completed as the work set will count towards the end examinations at the end of year 11. Staff are always willing to support students via Show My Homework or the email system. Whilst examination may seem like a long time away, the time will go quickly. We want to ensure you achieve and exceed your potential. By ensuring you meet the academic requirements at home, will stand you in good stead for your future.

It is pleasing to see so many fantastic things that the key stage has been involved in, both academically but also around the family environment in supporting loved ones, neighbours and also those that you may not know, through a range of activities. At times of difficulty, communities come together and this is certainty true of ours. Seeing everyone working together so well is credit to all of you.

On behalf of staff, can I thank parents for their continued support. Whilst these are challenging times, we really appreciate the numerous positive messages we have been receiving about the learning activities that students have been working on. We appreciate the way that parents have clearly been trying hard to juggle their own commitments with those of their children in your homes. We understand how difficult this can be, we are always on hand to support in whatever way we can.

Together, we will come through this and I am sure before we know it, we will back into the school. Until that point, please stay safe.

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Mr K Dawson is the Head of Key Stage 4.